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In today’s business environment, employers need IT expertise in translating business objectives into technology strategies and end-to-end solutions. The HP Accredited Technical Associate (HP ATA) certification thesis statement about education provides a complete learning solution-including courseware, practice tests, and certification exams-that goes well beyond simple concepts and product knowledge.

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The HP ATA certification delivers the industry’s first architect-level certification designed for academia. It validates real-world skills and prepares students for employment in small and medium business environments.

  • HPE covers the breadth and depth of training topics on HP and related partner technologies.
  • HPE trains more than 120,000 people a year to achieve peak performance.
  • HPE holds the industry leadership in many technologies, like Cloud Computing, Converged Infrastructure, HP
  • BladeSystem Matrix, HP-UX, HP Storage, HP Networking, Virtualization, ITSM and more.
  • We offer an industry-leading IT instructional portfolio with flexible a good thesis scheduling, covering a wide range of topics from introductory to expert level classes.
  • We are a single source for unmatched content and training expertise in HP products, related topics, and industry standard technologies

  • Data Structure using C
  • Programming techniques with C & C++
  • VLSI, VHDL & PCB Design
  • PHP with Word Press
  • Core JAVA
  • J2EE Struts with Hibernate framework

  • J2EE Spring with Hibernate framework
  • Android Application Development
  • Linux Administration with Scripting
  • Network Concepts with Security
  • ASP.NET with C#
  • Core JAVA with Android

    We would be provided with round the clock support which could be related to technical or non-technical which includes:

  • Technical support
  • Sample Proposals
  • Marketing Support
  • Pre & Post-sales support
  • Courseware by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Certificate to be issued by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

What are the benefits of becoming certified?

By certifying one’s skills, individuals can validate their technical abilities and demonstrate proficiency. HP’s associate-level certifications are based on IT skills required by industry, government, and education. The objectives reflect the skills needed to successfully design and deploy end-to-end customer IT solutions for a complexity level typically found within small- and medium-sized businesses. In educational settings, industry-recognized certification programs ensure students and teachers are acquiring the knowledge and skills valued in today’s workplace. For institutions seeking to keep curriculum vitalized and relevant, certification plays a critical role in bridging classroom learning to real-world application.

For what types of jobs do these certifications prepare candidates?

HP ATA certification directly applies to a broad range of IT job roles, including but not limited to:
IT Architects
System Engineers
System Administrators
Technical Support Engineers

What are the necessary skills and knowledge candidates will need to have in order to pass the certification exams?

The learning objectives for the HP ATA exams can be found here:

Does a candidate need to take multiple exams in order to certify?

No. Each time a candidate successfully completes an exam, he/she will earn the corresponding HP ATA certification. To complete the HP ATA—Cloud certification, a candidate must first complete the Connected Devices, the Networks, and the Servers and Storage certifications.

Do the exams need to be taken in any order?

No. Except for the HP ATA—Cloud certification, which must be proceeded by the three pillar certifications, the certifications may be taken in any order.

Can other certifications be substituted for the HP ATA certification?

If a candidate has successfully completed the Cisco CCNA certification, he/she may use that as a substitute for the HP ATA—Networks certification requirement before taking the HP ATA—Cloud certification. More information will be provided prior to launch.